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Top 10 Best Vacation Spots in Canada

Posted on May 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

Canada is a gold mine for those who are passionate about travelling and experiencing new places. Whether you love climbing mountains, conquering the surfing waves, walking quietly down a beach, feel awed by majestic waterfalls or seek to commune with whales, Canada is the place for you to be.

Canada has many tourist attractions. While many tourists head to see famous spots in bigger cities, the country’s beauty lies in its natural features.

Of the many awe-inspiring sights that Canada has to offer, the Northern Lights or the ‘Aurora Borealis’ is truly spectacular. Tourists can visit Churchill town settled on the shores of the Hudson Bay in Manitoba between December and March to catch Mother Nature’s extraordinary light show. The town is also known as the Polar Bear and Beluga Whale capital. For those who wish to catch a glimpse of the beats, a visit between late June and late August is advisable. For the whales, the perfect time to visit is from late June to late August.

Summer is an ideal time for the adventurous to take a trip to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. The residents greet you by wishing you ‘Ciad Mile Fàilte’. This means ‘one hundred thousand welcomes’ in Gaelic. What could be more welcoming! The island boasts of a spectacular coast that is over 10,000 sq. km. Tourists can stay in cottages on top of cliffs in towns like Port Hood or Inverness and enjoy sports like scuba diving, watching whales and sailing. For those who are scared of staying on heights, a visit inland to Bras d’Or Lake region will be a wise choice as they can stay in cottages along the shores of a saltwater lake there.

The Niagara Falls is another natural wonder that draws people to Canada. The massive, thunderous waterfall is located in Ontario. The falls comprises of the American Falls, the Horseshoe Falls and the smaller Bridal Veil Falls. Tourists can fly in as there are four airports an hour’s drive away from Niagara. It can also be reached via train and bus. And if you do visit, do not forget to take a trip on the ‘Maid of the Mist’ to see the Falls really close.

The Canadian Rockies is a trip for those who want to enjoy the most breathtaking journey on earth. Unlike the American Rockies, the Canadian ones have sharp peaks covered in snow. There are also some beautiful, serene lakes in the vicinity to calm the spirits. Tourists can drive through Banff and Jasper national parks to get there.

For those who want to enjoy the raw beauty of nature, a visit to the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island should do the trick. It covers Long Beach, a sandy stretch of 40 kilometers, which is also a surfers’ delight. One can get there by car from Victoria or Nanaimo. But book early if you want to get into this popular spot.

Another attraction on Vancouver Island is the Hot Spring Cove. Whale watchers can visit during March and April, for storm watchers the perfect period would be autumn or winters. It is accessible by plane and boat.

If wildlife is your thing, a visit to Baffin Island is a must. It is the largest island in Canada that houses Inuit villages. You can spot whales, arctic fox, lemmings, polar bears, walrus, caribou and other wild life here. Do not forget to enjoy dog sledding and snowmobiling here. You can reach the island by air.

The prairies are for those who do not want to climb high. It is steppe-land situated between the Rockies and Great Lake, It has a huge patch of undisturbed forest where biodiversity is conserved. In the prairies, there’s just you and nature. What a powerful and calming feeling.

Those who prefer the urban life, visit Vancouver or Victoria in British Columbia. These cities are touted as the cleanest and prettiest in the world. While Victoria has an old-world charm, Vancouver is a haven for those who want to idle their time swimming, golfing or sailing. There are international airports at both cities.

For whom the past is glorious, Old Québec City will be perfection. It was chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 for being the only fortified city in the continent whose walls still stand. It also houses a hotel built entirely of ice. Take a plane, train or car to this historical spot.

So, explore and indulge in the beauty of Canada.

Migration to Canada – What to Expect When You Get There

Posted on May 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Moving to a different county can be an overwhelming experience. So much so that you can tend to lose touch with the reality of it all. Migration to Canada is an exciting thought, but have you taken into consideration where you will be living in terms of climate, population and language, for example?

Here’s a brief overview of what to expect in your new homeland:

Migration to Canada might be a big step if you are migrating from a smaller country, as Canada is the second largest country in the world. It’s said to take a good two weeks just to drive the country’s width! (Should you ever wish to do so!) To this day much of the land area has only been partly inhabited, with an average of only three people for every square kilometer.

As Canadian winters are long and cold, with more than two thirds of the country having an average temperature of negative 18 degrees Celsius, migration to Canada should be worked around the seasons.
July and August are the warmest months across the whole country, with temperatures reaching from the mid to high 20 degrees Celsius range.

The warmest areas are on the US border, where there tends to be more summer rain on the west and east coasts, with the far north having extremely long daylight hours. Snowfall is frequent and is especially heavy in the central regions during the winter months.

Canada has a population growth rate of approximately 1 per cent per year, owing this to migration from other countries.

An increasing proportion of the population is from non-European countries, with those from Asia accounting for the largest share of recent arrivals. Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta are the most popular provinces for immigrants.

Although English and French are the 2 official languages of Canada, the majority of Canadians consider English to be their first language. English is also the principal language in most provinces and territories with the exception being Quebec, where French is the prominent language.

House or apartment rentals are advertised in newspapers and special publications. There is also the alternative of talking with a real estate agent, who can assist you to find your ideal home. Single detached houses are the most common building type in rural and suburban areas of Canada and rental homes are available either furnished or unfurnished – although it must be noted that the unfurnished option will still include a refrigerator and stove.

Because Canada’s population is so widely dispersed, people tend to rely on transport to get anywhere. The bus network in Canada is the most extensive public transport system available in the country. International air services operate out of Vancouver in the West or Montreal, Toronto and Halifax in the East – so chances are upon migration to Canada you will be arriving at one of these airports. Ferries are also available for transport on the many lakes, islands and offshore provinces in and around Canada.

When you arrive in Canada, be sure to take a look around and re-acquaint yourself with your new homeland. There are so many new and exciting experiences to enjoy!


How to Shake the Winter Blues by Taking a One Day Bus Trip or Mini Vacation

Posted on May 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

Have you ever thought of going on a summer vacation or trip, or perhaps you take one every year with your family or a close friend, you can do the same thing during the winter, only a lot more times, and a lot cheaper, by taking one day mini vacations or bus trips. In the summer when you take a weeks vacation or such, you might have to hire someone to watch your home, or feed your pets while your away, or have delivery of your mail stopped until you return home, and you have luggage and travel related items to pack, and all them travel bags and items to cart around, and the hotel keys or passes to manage, plus all of the stress of getting ready and settling in at your destination.

When you take a one day bus trip during the winter, you eliminate all of the hassles of a summer vacation, including the luggage and the stress. How much does it cost to take a week or two weeks vacation, $2,000 or even more? Some folks spend a great deal more then that on a vacation, to me that’s ridiculous, a vacation should be something that helps you have fond memories a long time after it’s over with. Spending thousands of dollars for something like a vacation will give you some nice memories, but it also will give you many months, or years of loan payments.

Every city and even most smaller towns now days have motorcoach charters, or bus lines to travel spots that you can visit and then return home from, the same day, usually later at night. All you need to take on a one day bus trip is your purse or wallet, your tickets and money. If you live next to Mexico or Canada, then you will probably need a photo id and a passport as you cross the borders.

One day bus trips are exciting and the memories will last a lifetime, and the destinations are almost limitless and vary depending upon where you live, for example here where I live in PA, there are one day bus trips to several different casinos such as Atlantic City in New Jersey, New York City sightseeing, New York City Statue of Liberty tour and Shows at Rockefeller Center, Sportsman and Farm Shows, Fairs, Tours at Haunted Locations, Zoos and tons of other great locations including the sights and sounds of Christmas and all the winter Holidays. The trips vary every month, and from November to March, during the cold, snowy months they offer trips to some of the most exciting places.

Almost all of the coach or bus lines that offer the one day trips have schedules and booklets they are glad to mail you for free, and most have all of their trips posted online to see anytime of the day or night. Search the internet or look through the telephone directory to find coach lines or bus services in your area. One day bus trips or mini vacations during the winter months are something you can do every couple of weeks or even weekly if you want, as they are often as cheap as $20. You can schedule a trip on a day your off work, and go by yourself or take a friend or family member along with you. Taking one day winter bus trips is not only exciting, it’s also a great way to help shake the winter blues.

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